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If there is one piece of advice I can give fellow writers, it’s that never stop learning from published authors, and attend writers conferences, webinars, and retreats. Get to know your fellow writers. We are a community all with the same goals in mind. We all want our work published, recognized, and an audience who’ll following us from book to book.

After coming away from the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC last month, my energy and excitement morphed into a fresh take on how to excel in my craft of storytelling. But it didn’t stop there. Missing the wonderful people I had the pleasure of meeting, yes, I’ll stay in touch with them, I’m now again actively looking for Writer’s Groups I can connect with and Join. I’ve tried this before, but wasn’t successful in finding a group I could relate to (that’s for another post).  

But I’m excited for my next upcoming event! This is a writer’s retreat at the MIT Endicott House, in Dedham, MA, with the ever talented, multi-award winning reporter and author, Hank Phillippi Ryan. Her classes at the WDC were uplifting and filled with many great insights. She made me feel that no matter how many initial rejections, we are all on the road to publication. And we will get there. Her personal story was inspiring and made us feel that we’re not alone in the shadows of nerves, hard work (in solitude), and often frustration. Being an “Author” may sound fun and glamorous, but it’s filled with extremely hard work, diligence, knock-downs and revisions, revisions, revisions. And the willingness to do it all over again and again (for each novel). So, my friends, it’s never too late to find your passion, commit to the hard work, and one day you too can say, it was all worth it.  

 If you remember Hank’s show from years back, you get it when I say, Hank is definitely going to help me! 

Below is the link for the event. Cannot wait to update you on this weekend and share more of this experience with you. 

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 Writer’s Retreat with Hank Phillippi Ryan

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