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Inspired by Nature

    Sometimes its hard to draw inspiration daily. Characters need a back story that leads them right to the point in the story that makes their introduction. Other times, its plots that are tied to your protagonist early on that must seamlessly come together in later chapters. How does one get inspired to create over a dozen characters?…read more

Where it All Began

                The Astoria’s Cursed Catwalk takes place at the most famous address in New York City. One of the original place settings is on display today in the hall of history as I like to call it. Who ate from these plates? What stories were shared over dinner? Whose…read more

In a Backstory

Justine is one of my characters I love to hate. Then I read her backstory and now, well I like her. But I cannot let this distract me from what her sole purpose is, right? As we get to know a character through a backstory, we find ourselves getting to know them on a level…read more

Life in Sicily

  Today I’m writing Dante’s back story: Dante grew up in Sicily, a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean situated along Italy’s southern coast separated by the Strait of Messina. Long on history and culture, it bears home to some amazing ancient ruins. But the most awe inspiring sites are those of the breathtaking Mt. Etna on Sicily’s eastern coast. (Province of Catania.)…read more

Hello Monday

Today I’m focusing on the main character, Olivia, in The Astoria’s Cursed Catwalk. In chapter 6 Olivia is desperate to end her long day riddled with more than one unpleasant incident to say the least… as she says: “Even days from hell have to end.” And being a Monday, who couldn’t use a little inspiration. Here…read more