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Read an Excerpt: Chapter 7

Maybe there is someone who can help. A big fat maybe. Maybe that chick at Tahini’s… But she looks like she’s all for this modelin’ and fashion shit. I’ll have to watch her. Feel her out. She could take this to the press — the wrong way. Then I’d be screwed. No one is gettin’…read more

Read an excerpt: Chapter 6

Suddenly Oscar grabbed my arm and ushered me up the stairs away from the gaping faces. His voice was tense as he whispered, “Be careful what you say. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Media is one thing, but spies? A whole other ball game.” “Spies? Who has spies?” “As of this week, the place reeks…read more

Read an Excerpt: Chapter 3

    I watch the club crowd arrive; A group of smokin’ babes, who probably share a brain between them. And more dumb jocks. I watch the wanna-be models trying too hard. At whatever.   The place begins to fill up. Good. I’m blending.   Janey really pissed me off today. Maybe I need to…read more

Read an Excerpt: Chapter 2

    “We’re trying different cover looks today.” Justine volunteered as she kept walking across the room. “This is where most of the photo shoots take place. When we have celebrities come in, we do their shoot in a more private set up.” She paused and pointed out the staging and props. “It’s our biggest…read more