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A Weekend Writer’s Retreat with…

  If there is one piece of advice I can give fellow writers, it’s that never stop learning from published authors, and attend writers conferences, webinars, and retreats. Get to know your fellow writers. We are a community all with the same goals in mind. We all want our work published, recognized, and an audience…read more

Writer’s Digest Conference 2017

  Hello All,  Where do I begin? This year’s Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC, August 17th – 20th, was once again filled with energy and amazing talent. Between the courses, keynote speakers, and the ability to partake in the PITCH SLAM again, (I attended the 2015 WDC) it was exactly what every up-and-coming author dreams of…read more

‘The Well-Sold Story’

  Hello Everyone! I’m excited to talk about an event I’ll be attending this weekend, March 19 – 20, 2016. Its called The Well-Sold Story. For any writer, published or unpublished, there is always room for personal growth. I always come away from these conferences with renewed energy, and a stronger drive to produce the best…read more

Read an Excerpt: Chapter 7

Maybe there is someone who can help. A big fat maybe. Maybe that chick at Tahini’s… But she looks like she’s all for this modelin’ and fashion shit. I’ll have to watch her. Feel her out. She could take this to the press — the wrong way. Then I’d be screwed. No one is gettin’…read more

Read an excerpt: Chapter 6

Suddenly Oscar grabbed my arm and ushered me up the stairs away from the gaping faces. His voice was tense as he whispered, “Be careful what you say. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Media is one thing, but spies? A whole other ball game.” “Spies? Who has spies?” “As of this week, the place reeks…read more

A Christmas Note

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. While New England is dreaming of a white Christmas with frosty snowmen and sleigh bells, I’m reminded of what this season is really all about. Spending time with family, praying for peace, and giving to those who are less fortunate.  As 2015 draws to a close,…read more

Inspired by Nature

    Sometimes its hard to draw inspiration daily. Characters need a back story that leads them right to the point in the story that makes their introduction. Other times, its plots that are tied to your protagonist early on that must seamlessly come together in later chapters. How does one get inspired to create over a dozen characters?…read more

Read an Excerpt: Chapter 3

    I watch the club crowd arrive; A group of smokin’ babes, who probably share a brain between them. And more dumb jocks. I watch the wanna-be models trying too hard. At whatever.   The place begins to fill up. Good. I’m blending.   Janey really pissed me off today. Maybe I need to…read more