The Runway in the House of Astoria

The Runway in the House of Astoria 

Dreams and Demons… Sorrow and Secrets… History and Hope… And a little Haute Couture gone cold. That’s what Olivia Toscano falls prey to in the novel, The Astoria’s Cursed Catwalk. (120,000 words.)

A Novel by Angela Litterio

Dear Agents and Editors,

If I did not have the opportunity to meet you at the 2015 NYC WD Conference, I am excited to share a summation of my novel with you. The Astoria’s Cursed Catwalk blends genres of history, romance and mystery, set against the backdrop of today’s modeling culture during New York City’s fashion week. My audience encompasses readers/writers of fashion blogs, those who still obsess over Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection, and the dreamers who could curl up with Pride and Prejudice.

The Astoria’s Cursed Catwalk is a contemporary women’s novel about a clairvoyant fashion writer, Olivia, who takes on the cover assignment for Elle magazine. Hiding behind the cameras, bone-thin models become the chosen look for a callous and devious designer. His manipulative influence lands him the coveted spot to show his haute couture line at the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel, despite last year’s accident. As Olivia begins to put the pieces together, she is painfully aware that the incident parallels a tragic occurrence that happened at the original Waldorf Hotel over a century ago. Joe, Elle’s editor-in-chief, determined she dig into the private lives of these models, keeps his own personal vendetta quiet. Olivia falls for Dante — a photographer who is nearly mad with his obsession to keep one model out of harm’s way — only to realize the heartbreaking truth: she is living another piece of the Waldorf Astoria’s dynasty that mirrored the founder, William Waldorf Astor’s passion for a woman he could only love from afar. The Astor’s century old secrets were beginning to resurface. Her confidant, Katherine, exposes Olivia to the actual reason she’s writing for Elle. In the end, Olivia is shocked to learn who Katherine really is, and she must choose between a great love or shine the spotlight on a girl whose dreams never saw the light of day.

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Thank you for your time and consideration.

Angela (Litterio) Hastings