Monthly Archives: August 31, 2015

The Heat of August

                As August draws to a close, I have to reflect on my summer of many changes. This was the first summer without my Dad. Hard as it was not being able to call him everyday, a door opened for me. I took the leap of faith and…read more

Where it All Began

                The Astoria’s Cursed Catwalk takes place at the most famous address in New York City. One of the original place settings is on display today in the hall of history as I like to call it. Who ate from these plates? What stories were shared over dinner? Whose…read more

In a Backstory

Justine is one of my characters I love to hate. Then I read her backstory and now, well I like her. But I cannot let this distract me from what her sole purpose is, right? As we get to know a character through a backstory, we find ourselves getting to know them on a level…read more

Writers Digest Conference 2015 NYC

    This was my first conference and it couldn’t have been a better experience! The sessions were well taught by talented authors and agents. My fellow attendees were a pleasure to get to know. Each one had his own story and journey they were embarking on. While writing can be a lonely profession, knowing fellow…read more